Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Journey of Lovely Four Years With You

To: Bunda...

Thank you so much for being my wife for the last four years, in the journey of full of  joys, struggles and happiness in our marriage. You are a special gift from Allah the Al-mighty for me and for our children. Me and the children love you so much. Hopefully our journey will be ended in Jannah and stay still as a couple. Stay strong with our love, laugh and tears during the journey waiting ahead....

Feb 10th 2012-2016

Love; Ayah 

To: Bunda and Ayah

Thank you for the cake, ayah and Bunda. love it. love it and I love both of you!!
Ayah tambah sayang yaa sama Bunda, Tama and Adik Esya
Bunda tambah sabar yaa!! mendidik adik Esya and abang Tama
Tambah lagi kuenya bunda!! Tama mau lagi... enak.enak.enak..

Love: Tama