Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Moving and Wellcome back

 I welcome myself "back" to this blog... its been a long while and Its become  of a "period of silence" since my last posting. You may see my last posting (with a complete text) dated in February 2013....You may said i was less of productive during 2 years back. Busy with working and handling my two beautiful babies and  a pretty wife, you might think, right?..hahaha You almost right!

However, during these two years i manage to run my other "serious" blog in here.  I was setting up my new blog for other objective and purposes, quiet different with this one. This new blog was designed to be a "home" from my papers and academic project in the future. Let me say, this blog is my new school as a "social-researcher, lecturer and freelance writer. come and visit me anytime here