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The Most Influential Book In The World

Islam is both a faith and a law (Shariah). It provides a comprehensive framework for man’s life on earth, establishing justice, protecting the dignity of man and assuring his peaceful co-existence with other. Islam’s teaching is a way of life on earth. Islam is a mercy for the mankind. Allah swt is Great Creator, Compasionate, Sustainer, the Merciful,whose mercy enshrines all beings.*
Allah has created the universe with content all kinds for human being’s needs.

Allah sends men to the earth as Allah’s slaves or workers. Mankind will work for Allah sake. Allah also sent down a guide book or travel-Map of the way of life to the earth through Rasulullah saw. Allah orders mankind to work for Him as well as possible and obey His rules, and follow the Prophet’s Muhammad saw.

Allah warned that men will life on earth for a while only. You have a lot of work to do for Me. You will die any time I wish, but I do not tell you when and where. Do not forget! Your life’s time will be decreased every second.

Allah said that if you are a good worker, and work according to My commandments and holy Prophets, I will give you the best place in this world and the Hereafter “Paradise”
Allah admolished: “To enter the Paradise you should believe Allah and do righteous good deeds, abstain all kind of evil and bed deeds, as Allah has ordained, and not do Shirik” Allah said that at Hereafter, every one will be questioned; How did you use your time in the world? Did you obey Allah’s commandments and follow the Holy Prophet?

Allah will open your records, Allah will balance your good deeds and evil deeds. Allah said that if you have good deeds more than evil deeds, you can enter my Paradise. But if not, Allah will put you in Hellfire forever.

Nabi Muhammad saw is an honored man, a successful trader, a wise man, and a model of love, sincerity, kindness, generosity, tolerance, fairness, patience, ect. People should follow his behavior as above.
Rasulullah saw said that in order mankind can receive Allah’s reward (Paradise) as much as possible you should do as follow:

1. Believe and do righteous good deeds as much as possible, and abstain all kind of evil deed as Allah has ordained. Do not be a shirik.
2. I order to get the good deeds as much possible, you have to work hard, be kind, be sincere, be loving ect.
3. You have to leave many good inheritance; Holy prophet said that only 3 cases you could receive rewards from Allah after you death;

a) Leave good children who can pray and beg pardon from Allah for their parents’ sins. As long as they ask pardon from Allah, Allah’s reward will flow to your parents’ account.
b). Leave good know ledges and books. As long as people use it for their benefit, Allah’s reward will flow to your parents’ account.
c). Leave the mosques, schools, hospitals, fabrics which you built etc., Allah’s reward will flow to your parents’ account as long as it is benefit for people.

Therefore, Muslim should be encouraged and strive hard to accomplish their goal in this world.Rasulullah saw said that; ”The best of human beings with in Allah’s sight is those who are useful to others.” It means that his time, life knowledge, energy, and his products are useful for the mankind and the Allah’s creatures at present or after his death.*

Our duties in this world is just like a King or President or a boss of the Company send us to other country to carry out a specified task for certain years. So we go there and perform our a hundred other tasks. But if we did work according to manual, it will be fine. Most people did not do their work according to the manual, so when they come back, they have to give their report to their King, or President, or their Boss. They would get a lot of problem. They will get a fire.

Verily, to be a good worker of Allah swt, a King of King in the heaven and on the earth, we should work according to Allah’rules and the Holy Prophet.
Life is a Journey on the earth for e few years from the birthday to the day of deathThen our soul will return to Allah, and our body will return to the earth. That is life work.

Whatever travel or journey without a guide,it will take a long time and a big problem or mistake. Also it will cause us lost a lot money and stress. Do not we?But it will be an easy travel or journey on the earth by using a guide book from Allah, it will ever no a mistake. Surely, we can arrive at Paradise happily and savely. Think about that! Here below, you will find the compiled Allah’s verses to help and ease you in learning Islam’s teaching; How to get to the Paradise?, who you are?, why you be created?, what are your duties?, and how do you do your duties? What kind of life after death? and how to life happily in this world according to Allah’rules?*

In order to get the true answers of above questions, you should read the Allah’s verses one by one and carefully. Do not read at once at one time.

Insya Allah, if you read repeatly these verses, Allah swt will give you blessings and Allah will open your heart. Your heart finds rest.

If you read Allah’s verses, it means you love Allah, Allah will love you more. If you walk toward Him, Allah comes to you running.* Allah is the Most Merciful.*Allah is able to all things, it is He Who gives life to the dead, and Allah will resurrect those who are in the graves.Allah is able to do all things, it is He Who gives life to the dead, and Allah will resurrect those who are in the graves.
O mankind! If you are in doubt about the Resurrection, then verily We have created you (e.e Adam) from dust, then from mixed drop of male and female sexcul discharge, then from a clot (a piece of thick coagulated blood) then from a little lump of flesh—some formed ssssand some unformed (as in the case of miscarriage)—that We may make it clear to you (i.e to show you Our Power and ability to do what We will). And We cause whom We will to remain in the wombs for an appointed term, then We bring you out as infants, then (give you growth) that you may reach your age of full strength. And among you there is brought back to the miserable old ege, so that he knows nothing after having known.

And you see the earth barren, but when We send them down water (rain) on it, it is stirred to life, and it swells and puts forth every lovely kind of growth. That because Allah: He is the Truth and it is He Who give life to the dead, and it is He who is able to do all things.And surely, the Hour is coming, there is no doubt it; and certainly, Allah will resurrect those who are in the graves.(V.22:5-7)

When you die, there is someone asks;”who will come with him(her) into the grave to support him(her) at his(her) last judgment?

Those who attended the funeral starled,“No I” said his friends, fans“No I” said his children“No I” said his wife“No I” said his scolar(Islam’s teacher)“No I”said his Boss.“No I” said his parents.Suddenly, there was a voice; “I will stay with you” said his Actions ( the good deeds), “and they leapt into the grave to be by his side. Arm and arm, they knoked at the door of death—togather. Where do the good deeds came from?
They come from two resources;
A. While you life, you do righteous good deedsB. After you die, you still will receive 3 kind of reward’s resourse from Allah, as long as they give the benefits to people; These Allah’s reward will flow continuously to his account as his Bonus;

1. If you children pray and beg Allah’s pardon for his parents’sins and they do righteous good deeds
2. If you left heritance such as; mosque, school, hospital, or fabric ect.for people
3. 3.If you left such the knowledge, and books for people.

May ALLAH will blesses you all after reading this article,insya ALLAH

What I learn from al quran:

1. I know who God is.
2. I know who created the universe and human beings.
3. I know why God send the holy books through God’s messengers.
4. I know who I am, why we were born on earth without our desire.
I know what are my duties in this world and what the purpose of my life.
5. I understand that why people have to obey God’s laws.
6. I understand that those who do not obey God’s laws will be punished
7. I understand that God give freedom to people to choose his style life, his religion.
8. I understand that God never intended to force people to follow His commandments.
9. I understand that those who obey God’s laws will get blessing from God
10. I understand that God love people, so we should love God and love one another’s
11. I understand that why people in this world are still fighting and killing each others.
12. I understand that these books are so important to read and to obey God’s commandments as a guide book for journey on earth.
13. God said that those who use my guide book for your journey on earth, I grant your life on earth will be happy, successful, and secure.
14. I understand that why God sent Moses (be peace upon him) with Old Testament, Jesus( be peace upon him) with the New Testament and then finally Muhammad (be peace upon him) with Al Quran.15. I understand that the prophet of Ibrahim was a founder of Islam, as a father of monotheistic religions, and a leader of the world. 12 Million Jews, 1.5 billion Christians and 1 billion Muslim.

By reading and learning al Quran, I believe that all questions that we have in our mind can be answered clearly. This God created for mankind as a truth, excellent guide book for journey on earth.Fourteen hundred years after the rice of Muhamamad saw, two thousand years after ascent of Christianity, two thousand and five hundred years after the origin of Yudaism, and about four thousand years after the birth of Abraham, the three monotheistic religions were inching toward a posture of open --and equal—deliberation. This state of affairs set up a new question for the faith to ponder: Can the children of Abraham actually coexist and live peacefully? We should answer it, yes we can!

I would like to write to you some of God’s commandments that written in the Bible and the Al Quran: There are more commandments that I could not write here, so I suggest you to read by yourself all of God’s commandments completely. You will have a complete understanding about God’s Law.*

May ALLAH blesses you all after reading this article, insya ALLAH.Wassalamulaikumwrwb

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